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Donor Spotlight: Bart & Jenna Alazio

Bart and Jenna have an incredible story with deep connections to ASU and Sun Devil Athletics. They are both proud and strong philanthropic supporters of Sun Devil Hockey, as well as the founders of the East Coast Sun Devil Athletics Scholarship Endowment. Their support will provide an impact on Sun Devil Athletics in perpetuity and continue to drive us forward. We asked Bart and Jenna a few quesitons about why they support Sun Devil Athletics.

In what ways are you connected to ASU? ASU is at the foundation of our family. Jenna and I met attending ASU. After a year she transferred to UMass-Amherst but because of our ASU link we reconnected 5 years later in NYC. As active alumni we love participating anything ASU here on the east coast including Sun Devil send-offs, NYC/Boston shadow Pat's Run and of course ASU hockey games. We have season tickets for Hockey and have never seen a game at Oceanside. We donate all our tickets to VetTix, Sun Devil Club and to families in the valley. After 4 seasons our seats have never been empty for a home game!

Why do you think it is important to support student-athletes and Sun Devil Athletics? Student-athletes are often the face of the University. They sacrifice a lot of their typical college experience just to play and for a large majority this will be the last opportunity to compete at such a high level. As fans we can support them not just by cheering but by ensuring as many student-athletes can play the sport they love for along as they can.

Why did you, and what motivated you (and your family), to create an endowment? We established The East Coast Sun Devil Athletics Scholarship as a philanthropic call to action. We hope our gift is a starting point that engages and inspires fellow East Coast Sun Devils to join in support and show that love for our Sun Devils does not diminish, no matter the miles between us and Tempe.

Click below to join Bart and Jenna in their support of the East Coast Sun Devil Athletics Scholarship.

The Sun Devil Club would like to thank Bart and Jenna for their continued support of Sun Devil Athletics. For more information on ways to get involved with the Sun Devil Club, please contact us by email at or by phone at (480) 727-7700.

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