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Donor Spotlight: Michael Thompson

Michael Thompson been Sun Devil Club members for many years – through his support of the Sun Devil Marching Band. We asked him a few questions about the importance of giving back. 

What is your Sun Devil story? (include your years in the band and role currently) I joined the SDMB my sophomore year (unfortunately missing my freshman year after listening to my engineering academic advisors that I wouldn’t have time to participate).  During my freshman year, I often found myself attending the daily rehearsals (my roommates were in the SDMB at the time). Bottomline, I found the time and joined the next year playing alto sax and had a tremendous time. I was fortunate to spend another 3 years in the band as one of the drum majors. Since graduating, I stay connected to the band through various alumni activities, most notably coming back to march annually in the alumni band at Homecoming. Somewhere along the way, I was asked to step in to announce at an ASU Band Day event, covering for one of the broadcasting announcers that was unable to do the event. I returned the following year as the full time Voice of the Sun Devil Marching Band and have been doing it since then. It’s been a tremendous way for me to stay connected to the SDMB, the university and my passions around college athletics and the marching arts.

What does it mean to you to be a Sun Devil and be a part of the Sun Devil Family? I wouldn’t have this any other way. My participation in the SDMB and other activities as a student really helped to play a vital part of who I am today. I feel like I am really fortunate enough to have an opportunity to stay so connected to the university and be a perpetual part of the Sun Devil Family. Again, what started as a student, continued in my first years as an ASU alumnus, and I’ve never looked back.

Why do you think it is important to support the Sun Devil Marching Band financially? It's always been important for me to give back to the program that played such an important part of my college experience. I also understand in order to keep the strong legacy in place for years to come, it is vital the band continues to receive financial support from many of us who are able to contribute.This has helped with instruments, uniforms, equipment, travel and even scholarships for the SDMB members. This is all really important to a robust program. I am fortunate to work for a company that is able to match my gifts to the university in multiple ways. Not only is every dollar I donate doubled, but it also provides volunteer matching grants as well. So my dollars and volunteer time actually result in an even larger financial benefit to the university and band program.

***Does your company have a Matching Gift program? The Sun Devil Club can provide you with all the documentation required to apply for those “free” funds.  Matching gifts will earn priority points and Sun Devil Club benefits for the original donor. For more information on matching gifts, or any other donation, please email bridget.arenson@asu.edu

Describe the most exciting game/favorite show you have attended/seen. There are so many…  from the Latin Tunes show my first year in band, to the Broadway musical show my senior year, to Earth, Wind & Fire, and the many epic Band Day shows of the Hud era, there are truly too many to count.  I’m still holding out for that Prince Show.

What is your best memory from being a part of the SDMB family? My first time entering Sun Devil Stadium during pregame through the tunnel and seeing a sea of gold pom poms throughout the stands.  Never gets old.

 The Sun Devil Club would like to thank Michael for his continued support of Sun Devil Athletics. For more information on ways to get involved with the Sun Devil Club, please contact us by email at sundevilclub@asu.com or by phone at (480) 727-7700.