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Donor Spotlight: Yearly Philanthropic Giving


It’s no secret of the financial impact COVID-19 has had on the collegiate athletics world. Sun Devil Athletics surely is not immune to those issues. As budgets around the nation have been heavily impacted, the rally of community support was called upon. Along with the rest of Sun Devil Nation, Sun Devil Club Yearly Philanthropic Giving answered the call from the Maroon & Gold.

As Sun Devil Club YPG’s end of year philanthropic contribution, they made a gift of $15,000 to support Sun Devil Athletics’ student-athlete scholarship and nutrition funds.

Sun Devil Club YPG is a membership-based organization for newer philanthropists who love sports. Whether you are new to Phoenix with no ties to ASU, or a Sun Devil alumni from anywhere around the world, the group comes together to enhance the experience of 600-plus student-athletes.

The group serves to be an entry point to philanthropic giving through the lens of Sun Devil Athletics. While educating our membership about the impact of collective philanthropy, we aim to foster a community of like-minded individuals through events, engagement, giving and networking.

With a $25 a month membership donation, members are looking to build a stronger affinity for Sun Devil Athletics by giving back through collaborative philanthropy and engagement. Sun Devil Club YPG offers networking opportunities and several unique events throughout the year. Some of our most popular events include the annual athletic end-of-year celebration Devils' Ball, group outings at home athletic events, Spaghetti with Sparky and home football game tailgates!

All of these great opportunities maintain the same backbone of philanthropy with Sun Devil Athletics in mind.

Membership donations are collectively brought together to show the impact community donations. Various projects throughout each athletic year arise, and Sun Devil Club YPG members are able to vote on which project they are most passionate about.

When Sun Devil Athletics and Vice President for University Athletics Ray Anderson called for support of student-athlete scholarships and nutrition, Sun Devil Club YPG knew they could step up and do their part.

A $10,000 gift to student-athlete scholarships and $5,000 to nutrition amounted to one of the largest philanthropic gifts the membership group has ever made.

The group’s philanthropic endeavors are plentiful, including several listed below:

Sun Devil Club YPG Endowment

In 2018, the group established an endowment to support a football student-athlete. This gift committed the group’s legacy within Sun Devil Athletics, as the endowment will live on in perpetuity to support future generations of student-athletes. The endowment has been bestowed to two Sun Devils so far, with redshirt junior Tyler Johnson representing during the 2020-21 academic year.

Sun Devil Gymnastics Leotards

They say “look good, play good.” When the Gym Devils were preparing for a top-25 match up in 2019, they were in need of new leotards for the occasion. YPG met the call and provided funding for a new set for the team. To celebrate the occasion, we hosted a group gathering at the meet to support the team and see our philanthropy in action.

Sun Devil Hockey Office

YPG was excited to help one of our newest Division I programs and their recruiting efforts. The program identified the need for branding within their office area. The group stepped up to donate the funds needed to cover the walls, head-to-toe, in Sun Devil Hockey imagery.

Sun Devil Tennis Nets & Posts

The tennis nets and posts at the Whiteman Tennis Center had seen better days. The opportunity to improve a facility for two of our Sun Devil programs was something YPG could not pass up. The group was excited to donate Pitchfork-branded posts and new netting for all six courts at the facility.

Sun Devil Club YPG and its members bleed Maroon & Gold. They rally together with philanthropy at the top of mind, and a goal of making a long-lasting impact on Sun Devil Athletics.

Would you like to learn more about Sun Devil Club YPG? Visit to explore more about the group and get involved!

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