On to the next chapter of his life, Pat Moore’s Sun Devil Golf ties remain strong

By Davis Dupree, Sun Devil Athletics Media Relations Student Assistant

Sun Devil Golf standout and local product Pat Moore certainly keeps himself busy these days. He and his wife, Audrey, just welcomed their second child, a girl named Berkley, to go along with their 3-year-old son, Landon.

Moore is balancing the family life with his career working for MJ Insurance in Phoenix. Moore specializes as a consultant selling employee group benefits to companies.

After leaving ASU, he didn’t end up in the insurance business right away. Following college, he had a run on the mini-tour, but when his career didn’t materialize quite like he hoped it might, he decided enough was enough, and to settle down and start a career.

“I don’t ever regret it looking back,” said Moore. “I didn’t want to be 30-35 years old and trying to start a career with a family. It wasn’t a big deal for me pulling the ripcord and moving on.”

Moore graduated in 2005 with a degree in marketing from the W.P. Carey School of Business. During the job search, he was thankful for his degree from such a highly respected school.

“It is a differentiator having that on a resume,” said Moore. “A lot of people would ask about my background from W.P. Carey, so that was helpful.”

Along with his degree, his time with the Sun Devil Golf program helped prepare him for the real world. The rigorous practice and workout schedule alongside his school work and having to be presentable everywhere he went kept him busier than he ever thought he would be (although he is now rethinking that with two little kids).

With the career and family keeping him so busy, he does not play as much golf now as in the past. Moore said he tries to play on Friday afternoons when he can, and still plays in two or three USGA events each year, including the USGA Four Ball tournament recently.

Although he plays less golf, he still follows the Sun Devils closely and knows the coming move from Karsten Golf Course to Papago Golf Course is necessary.

After the countless hours he spent at Karsten, and it being one of the nation’s best facilities during his playing days, he knows other schools have caught up and even surpassed the program in terms of facilities.

“If I was a 17-year-old kid taking a visit when this is done, it will be tough to say no when you factor in all the other things Sun Devil Golf can add,” said Moore. “This is the missing puzzle piece that can get [Sun Devil Men’s Golf] to the next step.”