Sun Devil Club Kid Reporter

By Carter Brewer, age 10

Hi! My name is Carter Brewer and I had the opportunity to attend a spring football practice and interview some of the student-athletes and a coach. It was cool because I was able to be up close and personal with some of the student-athletes and coaches after practice. When I first got to practice only the quarterbacks and kickers were there getting in extra work, but then the rest of the team arrived for the main practice. They all worked really hard and looked excited to be there!

After the practice was over, I was able to ask my questions I had written the night before. I asked a lot of questions to find out where they were from, what their major was and what they wanted to do after college. Some of the student-athletes were from California and one came all the way from Ohio. One of the student-athletes was majoring in Sports Broadcasting, and I thought that sounded really awesome!

All the student-athletes told me their dream job would be to play in the NFL after college. I hope that comes true! I also asked some of them if they were not playing football what other sport would they like to play and most of them said track, but one of them said basketball!

I really enjoyed my experience and time with the team. They were all very friendly and kind. I can’t wait for the fall football season to start!               

Go Devils!

Junior Sun Devil Club Kids Reporter

Junior Sun Devil Club Kids Reporter


Jan 14 2020
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Nov 20 2019
Arizona’s own Sun Devil Family Charities and the Sun Devil Club have been enhancing the student-athlete experience and spearheading philanthropic endeavors for years by raising resources for athletic scholarships and endowments with little fanfare, but plenty of heart.

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