Sun Devil Club Young Professionals Group Uses Membership Growth To Affect Positive Change Across Department

The Sun Devil Club Young Professionals Group (YPG) has a lot to be proud of over the past year. As of June 2017, the group officially had four dues-paying members, which requires an annual philanthropic donation of $300. Fast forward one year, and the group sits at 88 dues-paying members.

In addition to vastly expanding its membership base, YPG positively impacted Sun Devil Athletics and Sun Devil student-athletes in a variety of ways this past year. The group donated $12,500 to support Sun Devil Football student-athletes through the creation of the Young Professionals Group Endowment, which through the Sun Devil Matching Gift Program doubled to $25,000. YPG also donated more than $4,000 to the Sun Devil Hockey program to help them with branding and graphics for their offices, made a gift to the Sun Devil Women’s Soccer program, and hosted the fifth annual Devils’ Ball, which raised nearly $30,000 for YPG and the Sun Devil Club.

None of these accomplishments and wide-ranging influences would have been possible without each individual YPG member, so Sun Devil Athletics and the Sun Devil Club owes a big thank you to everyone who is a part of the group. The future of YPG is bright and the Sun Devil Club is excited to see what the group can do in the upcoming year!

Sun Devil Club Young Professionals Group Sun Devil Football Tillman Tunnel


Sun Devil Club Young Professionals Group Sun Devil Hockey

Sun Devil Club Young Professionals Group Sun Devil Soccer

Sun Devil Club Young Professionals Group Devils' Ball


Jul 16 2019
For the 650-plus young men and women competing in ASU’s 26 NCAA varsity sports, Sun Devil Club support is the foundation for their collegiate experience, which is unlike any other in the nation.Wendy and Michael Miller are passionate Sun Devil fans with a deep connection to the university and community. They currently live in Mesa, Arizona, and Michael is a two-time ASU graduate.
Apr 30 2019
More than $4M have been raised toward athletics scholarship endowments since July 1, 2017, including more than $620,000 in fiscal year 2019 through the establishment of 21 new athletics scholarships and increased contributions by 10 individuals to pre-existing endowments. 

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