A Sun Devil With a Purpose

Nick Kramer ASU Sun Devil Club Young Professionals Group

By Shaylee Souza
Sun Devil Athletics 

Standing on the floor of a quiet Wells Fargo Arena brought back memories, only this time it was different. Nick Kramer, a 2004 graduate of Arizona State and current Sun Devil Club member, stood with his two children on the floor of Ned Wulk Court and reminisced on going to games as a student.

Darkness fell onto the seats and little strays of light peaked through from the windows in an arena so quiet you could hear a pin drop. It was a stark difference to the rowdy, loud atmosphere of current Sun Devil Basketball games and those same games when Kramer was a student.

“Every time I come to the arena, it makes me feel like I’m a student again, like I’m right back there,” Kramer said. “The cool thing about being in the Young Professionals Group is that I can’t walk five feet on a game day without seeing someone I know because it’s such a family atmosphere.”

Kramer looked down at his children and couldn’t help but smile. As much as being back on campus brought back good memories, all he could think about was not only giving his children the same experiences he had as a student, but also affording those the same experiences to all future Sun Devils.

The first person to graduate from college in his family, the Wisconsin native was captivated by ASU from when he was young. Kramer’s family would leave the cold Wisconsin weather to retreat to sunny Chandler and watch their beloved Milwaukee Brewers during Spring Training when he was in elementary school. And of course, he had to have his parents bring him to the ASU bookstore where he could get either a hat or shirt.

“It was home. This was where I wanted to be,” Kramer said. “It was just coming here to Tempe and seeing the campus that made me love it.”

Kramer joined the Air Force out of high school and was coincidentally stationed in Tucson where he took college classes with plans to transfer to ASU. After two years, Kramer transferred to the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication and began his life as a Sun Devil.

Attending countless football and basketball games in his two years, Kramer made friends that he still goes to games with to this day.

“The guys I went to football games with my senior year are the guys I’m in the Young Professionals Group with now,” Kramer said. “We’ve been doing this for a while.”

Upon graduating from ASU, Kramer had a job offer to move away from Phoenix to pursue his dream of being an ESPN anchor. Instead, he chose to stay close to what was near and dear to his heart and plant his roots to start a family. He immediately starting giving back through the Sun Devil Club to do his part.

“We can make this a special place to come on Saturday’s for games, but it’s going to take a little effort,” Kramer said. “Remember how great it was when you were a student and then try to provide that experience – or something even better – for future Sun Devils.”


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