Supporting the Sun Devils Holds Hidden Value

Mark Sheck Sun Devils Sun Devil Club ASU

By Shaylee Souza
Sun Devil Athletics 

It all started as a joke between him and his three stepchildren in a divided house.

Mark Sheck began donating to the Sun Devil Club when the youngest of the three started attending Arizona State University. He purchased season tickets to Sun Devil Football to get back at the other two – who are alums from that school down south – and to spend time with his stepchild.

“After my stepchild graduated I started taking different friends or grandkids to the games,” Mark said. “I love college football and going made me love ASU football.”

Mark isn’t the typical Sun Devil Club member. He didn’t grow up a Sun Devil fan. He grew up in a small town in Illinois called New Lenox, just outside of Chicago. He didn’t even go to Arizona State. He pursued a career in banking out of high school.

Although he didn’t go to college, being financially able to attend college is a cause that Mark holds dear to his heart. As a mortgage loan officer in Mesa, Mark sees many young people affected by their student loans, well after they’ve graduated, as they apply for mortgages.

Recently, Mark and his wife, Debra, established the Sheck Family Football Scholarship to continue to create opportunities and resources for young men to pursue their educational and athletic dreams at ASU.

“A lot of kids who go to college think they’re doing the right things, but still come out on the other end with all this debt,” Mark said. “When I see opportunities for scholarships to help out, I think of it as a way to curtail some of that.”

From the friendships he’s made and community he’s built over the years through being a football season ticket holder to the tangible impact he is having through his philanthropy to Sun Devil Athletics, the value Mark sees in being a Sun Devil Club member continues to grow and evolve.


Mar 12 2019
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Mar 4 2019
For Mark, the only one of the three brothers to attend Arizona State University, giving back to his alma mater is a no-brainer. A proud football season ticketholder, his family’s foundation has afforded him the opportunity to make significant philanthropic contributions to the athletics department, as well learn more about the young men and women who represent his university. 

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