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Game Changer Endowment

Gamechanger Endowment
Invest in our athletes, invest in our community

Game Changer Endowment

The Game Changer Endowment is a gathering of diverse community leaders in support of the Sun Devil Club and student-athletes in their mission to inspire change in our community. Through mentorship programs with students at high schools in the Phoenix metropolitan area, the athletes help to promote character and leadership development.


The Game Changer Endowment, a program within the Sun Devil Club, supports Arizona State University student-athletes as they mentor and teach leadership skills to urban high school students in the Phoenix metro area.

Three Pillars of the Game Changer Philosophy

Servant Leadership

Broaden Experiences

Career Preparation

  • Impact the community, impact the person
  • Inspire future Sun Devils
  • Study abroad opportunities
  • Intership programs
  • Provide business interview attire
  • Experiential professional learning

Student-Athlete Journey To Success





  • Discovery and assimilation
  • Prepare four-year plan and adjust to college lifestyle
  • Exploratory
  • Secure an internship and take first steps into career path
  • Prepare for life after the Athlete
  • Bolster resume with additional career opportunities
  • Transitional
  • Prepare for graduation and secure employment

This fund supports the direct efforts of the Office of Student-Athlete Development through the Championship Life programming, providing resources for more than 600 Sun Devil student-athletes and tomorrow’s community leaders.

Your gift to the Sun Devil Club using the link below will directly impact the Game Changer Endowment! Thank you for your support! 


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