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We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about the Sun Devil Club membership below. If you do not find the answer to your particular questions, please feel free to call the Sun Devil Club office at 480-727-7700 or visit the official athletics website.

Q. What is the Sun Devil Club?

The Sun Devil Club is a community owned organization focused on the funding and support of Sun Devil Athletics. Our three main objectives are to provide financial support for Sun Devil student-athletes, create a competitive advantage for Sun Devil Athletics, and support the entire ASU and Phoenix area community.

Q. Who can join the Sun Devil Club?

Anyone can join the Sun Devil Club! Members of the Sun Devil Club want the ability to affect change and you can start at any level. 

Q. How do I become a member of the Sun Devil Club?

Becoming a Sun Devil Club member is easy, and individual memberships are available for as low as $9/month or $100 annually. Join the Sun Devil Club today:

Q. What is the starting level for Sun Devil Club Membership?

Full Sun Devil Club member status starts at $9/mo. or $100, which is used to support our student-athletes, coaching staff and programs.

Q. What is the Tax ID number for the Sun Devil Club?

Sun Angel Foundation dba Sun Devil Club 86-0138459

Q. What methods of giving are accepted by the Sun Devil Club?
The Sun Devil Club accepts many different forms of donation that add calculate toward annual membership level and priority point totals. To learn more about what methods of giving are accepted click here.

Q. What are the key dates for renewing/joining the Sun Devil Club?

To be eligible for Sun Devil Club benefits, including parking and seating, all renewing members or new members must contribute by June 30th. Any gift received after June 30th will still count towards membership – but those gifts may receive limited benefits.

To view the Key Sun Devil Club Dates please click here.

If you have any questions regarding the Sun Devil Club Key Dates please contact the SDC office at (480) 727-7700.

Q. Do I have to pay the entire amount of my pledge by June 30th?

All members electing to pay their full pledge at once are asked to fulfill the donation by the June 30th deadline, but members are able to elect for monthly, quarterly, or semi‐annual payments by setting up an automatic preauthorized payment schedule. If a member’s pledge is on the automatic payment schedule, which requires preauthorized deduction of a credit card, they will be eligible for all benefits. Automatic deduction will continue until the member request to cancel. If you’re an ASU employee you can use payroll deduction.

Q. How does my membership in the Sun Devil Club help ASU student-athletes?

The community will benefit if our local university has a consistently strong athletic program. As a part of the community, you’re in a partnership with ASU athletics.  Your membership in the Sun Devil Club ensures our athletes and coaches have the scholarship funds needed to succeed on and off the field.

  • Examples of Support:
    • Scholarships
    • Academic Services
    • Medical Expenses/Health Care

Q. What benefits do I receive if I become a Sun Devil Club member?

Sun Devil Club members have exclusive access to Sun Devil Athletics communications, discounts and more.  Full details are available on our current benefits chart.

Q. Can I designate gifts to go toward particular sports, programs or other more specific purposes?

As a member of the Sun Devil Club, your membership gift can benefit any part of Sun Devil Athletics. If you’re a big softball fan, you can allocate your membership to the softball program. Want to fund athlete scholarships? You can direct your membership dollars to the scholarship fund. It’s as easy as checking a box.

Q. If I give the minimum required, am I guaranteed a parking pass in the area requested?

Due to an increase in donors and a greater effort to treat our donors in a fair, equitable and consistent manner, we have an allocation process based on priority points and giving level. We will allocate each parking lot by the donor’s selection until that lot is full. After that lot is full, the donor will receive the next best selection and so on and so forth.

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