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Fuel Our Future

Sun Devil Athletics offers our 600-plus student-athletes across 26 NCAA varsity sports an unrivaled

opportunity to compete at the highest levels in collegiate athletics. And for those who wear the Maroon & Gold, the Sun Devil experience provides much more than what shows up in a box score.  

Arizona State is a unique place that combines a world-class education with real-world knowledge. It affords our young men and women an ability to become embedded in a community with ties around the world and the chance to forge lifelong friendships and learn from influential leaders. It offers the resources to become a role model for the youth and the skills needed to have positive professional careers on and off the field.

However, this holistic experience is possible only due to the support of our dedicated Sun Devil Club members. Their generosity not only helps our students-athletes excel at ASU, but also provides a framework for them to enjoy successful lives as professionals, family members and civic leaders well beyond their collegiate years.

You can be a part of our family and “Fuel Our Future” for generations to come regardless of the size or scope of your commitment. A strong and devoted membership base is the key to an athletics department’s ability to sustain and improve its competitive position, and together, with your involvement in the Sun Devil Club, we can continue to change lives and shape futures.

Strengthening the Sun Devil Club allows us to better equip our student-athletes with career development tools, enthusiastic tutors and mentors, top-notch medical care, state-of-the-art training, outlets for personal growth, and much more.  

Let’s not only mold champions on the field, but also great spouses, partners, and parents, influencers and innovators in their respective professional fields, and engaged members of their communities.  

It’s time to Fuel Our Future

Ray Anderson
Vice President for University Athletics

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