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Sun Devil Football

Your philanthropy is changing lives and shaping futures – not only by funding scholarships, top-notch equipment, and medical care, but also by being role models for our young men as successful professionals, parents, spouses, and engaged members of your community.  

  Your gift to the Sun Devil Club using the link below will directly impact Sun Devil Football!  

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Endowments established in support of Sun Devil Football

Aaron Pool Endowed ScholarshipAndy and Cathy Contreras Family Scholarship
ASU Levi Jones ScholarshipBitton Family Scholarship
Brian and Ann Jordan Family Football ScholarshipButterfield Sun Devil Stadium Capital Endowment
Christie L. Van Buren-Kriegsfeld Football ScholarshipChurch Family Football Scholarship
Crafty Devils Football ScholarshipDixie Howell Alumni Scholarship
Dorothy Marie Beatty Family Football ScholarshipDuffy Family Football Scholarship Endowment
Elizabeth and Rocky Harris Football ScholarshipForman Family Football Scholarship
Frank Kush Memorial Endowment Gary and Mary Dyer Football Scholarship
Havard Family Football ScholarshipHu-Tang Trust Endowmnet Fund
Jeff and Melodee Cooley Family Football Leadership FundJerry Burg Memorial Football Scholarship Endowment
John and Julie Furey Trust Football ScholarshipJohn and Tracy Eddy Endowed Pat Tillman Memorial Scholarship
John Mistler Football EndowmentJulie Caudron and Jeffrey Novick Scholarship Endowment
Kent Sun Devil Stadium Capital EndowmentKevin Felix Family Endowed Football Scholarship
Kevin Turner Football Walk-On ScholarshipKindig Family Center Position Endowed Football Scholarship 
Kirk and Jessica Robertson Sun Devil Football ScholarshipKnudson Family Sun Devil Football Tight End Scholarship Endowment
Koskovich Family ScholarshipKoss Family Sun Devil Football Endowed Scholarship
Kurt Lasher Sun Devil Football ScholarshipKurtis Hingston Legacy Scholarship
Looft Family Football ScholarshipLytle Family Football Scholarship
M. L. Downie Football ScholarshipMarc Altieri Football Scholarship Fund
Matlock Family Offensive Guard Scholarship EndowmentMichael C. Miller Family Football Scholarship
Michaels Family Scholarship for Sun Devil FootballMike, Krisha and Trey Dillard Family Enrichment Endowment
Olsen Family Athletic ScholarshipOrsini Family Football Scholarship
Patchett Family Football ScholarshipPaul R. Smith Family Athletics Scholarship Endowment
Richard and Mary Musco Maroon Scholar EndowmentRobert and Suzanne Mahlik Endowed Football Scholarship
Robert Nolan Family Scholarship FundRoger J Meara Scholarship Endowment Fund for the Department of Athletics
Royal Family Scholarship for Sun Devil FootballSAE Fisher Endowed Football Scholarship
SAE Red Rock Foundation Scholarship EndowmentSheck Family Football Scholarship
Simone Family Sun Devil Football Scholarship EndowmentStan and Patty Morris Football Scholarship
Sun Devil Football Letterman Scholarship by Position EndowmentThe Gail and John Krueger Enrichment Fund
The Gene Taylor Family ScholarshipThe Joseph S. Bosse Family Endowment
The Lodwick Family Football ScholarshipThe Neiani and Richard Lefler Family Endowed Scholarship for ASU Football
Tomkins Family Football ScholarshipUnderwood Family Sun Devil Football Scholarship Endowment
Valadez Family Football ScholarshipValley Athletic Booster Club Football Scholarship
Venezia's New York Style Pizzeria and Montanile Family Football ScholarshipYPG Endowed Scholarship

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